I believe that anyone can be more organized and I bring the techniques, products and skills to each job to help my clients become organized and stay organized for life.

During my corporate career as an accountant and financial system developer, I was an organizer of dollars and data.  My company, OrganizeWell, was born in 2011 out of my own struggle to regain my former levels of organization after a battle with breast cancer.  As the mother and the spouse of Type 1 Diabetics, I understand first-hand how life challenges can be overwhelming and create chaos at work and home.

Working as an organizer, I feel blessed to help my clients reclaim their lives by cutting clutter and finding new approaches to productivity.  I am a Gold Circle member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) and currently serve as the Director of Professional Development for the Chicago Chapter of NAPO.  When a client hires me, they will be assured that I am:

  • Educated in the root causes of disorganization
  • Sensitive to the needs of the client and will create solutions that meet those needs
  • Affiliated with a nation-wide network of professionals to achieve any organizational goal
  • Guided by a set of professional ethics

My work with clients is always confidential and never judgmental.  Whether you feel overwhelmed by the demands of work, family, illness or other major life transition OR you just want to accomplish your organization goals as quickly and effectively as possible, I can help you to Organize Well to Live Well!

Want to know more?  Contact me for a free assessment at 815-715-0260.