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I believe anyone can be more organized and I bring the techniques, products and skills to each job to help my clients become organized and stay organized for life.

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I would highly recommend OrganizeWell to anyone who is looking to de-clutter, de-stress and create an organized space that is customized for them.      


Christy, Crystal Lake

I smile now when I drive into my garage.  I'm not angry anymore!


Kathleen, Vernon Hills

I've recommended you many times over the months and I sing your praises. I've kept up with most things we did.  I seldom bring new things into the house without getting rid of something. AND I now tend to only give gifts that can be "used up," so that I'm not contributing to others clutter. Wanted you to know how grateful I am!

Sue, Huntley

I cannot believe we got this much done in 3 hours!  My basement doesn't feel as overwhelming now. 

Cheryl, Huntley

Thanks so much for your wonderful assistance, Paula! I could not have tackled this enormous undertaking without your planning, guidance and hard truly are a godsend!

Mary M, Lakewood