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Why Label a Label Maker?

Clearly, this is a label maker.  To be even more obvious, it’s a label maker in a CLEAR container.


So, why go to the trouble of labeling something that is so clearly what it is? It may look like overkill until we understand how this space is used and by whom.


Imagine this scenario…


  • Boss needs the label maker and takes it from the supply closet.
  • Office Manager asks to use it when Boss is done.
  • New Employee notices the label maker and asks to use it next. New Employee didn’t even know the office had a label maker. Oh, happy day!
  • New Employee is done with the label maker and puts it away. He doesn’t want to bother Boss or Office Manager, so he puts the label maker somewhere that seems logical.
  • Six months later, Boss needs the label maker but cannot guess that logical location the label maker is residing in. Having no idea who used it last, Boss doesn’t even know who to ask.


My job as a professional organizer is to put organizational systems in place to not only look nice but to help my clients stay organized with minimum effort.


This particular label maker is in the workplace of a long-term client of mine with 20+ employees and a steady stream of customers.  In these types of environments, I label EVERYTHING.


Human behavior is predictably unpredictable, and the place that seems logical for one person may be literally the last place another person would think to look.


It’s the same reason kindergarten teachers label the bin full of Crayons.  They are Crayons in a bin.  Does the bin really need a label?  Yes, it does.  A teacher is managing 20+ small humans and doesn’t want to end up with crayons in all of the bins.


Labels maintain order.


Labels help teach ALL the users of a space how to maintain that order.


Labels are like road signs – a road sign makes it possible to navigate in an area a person is unfamiliar with.


Labels help all the users of an organizing system navigate that system.