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Spooky Spaces

I have watched enough scary movies to know that bad things always happen in spooky spaces like basements.  I hate scary movies so it’s ironic I spend so much of my professional career in basements.  Clients call me because the thought of an ax wielding psycho may not be as scary as the reality of 20+ years of accumulated stuff hiding in their basement.  Piles of unknown stuff can make anyone want to run back up the stairs and slam the door.

If you are one of those people who has a spooky basement, there are real things Organizewell can do to make it less terrifying:

  • Quickly identify, sort and categorize what is down there so it’s easier for the homeowner to make decisions.
  • Make ‘delayed decisions’ less intimidating by creating a decision framework for clients.  This helps by reducing the number of decisions the homeowner must make and by giving them the comfort to know we are ‘keeping the best and letting go of the rest’.
  • We make stuff disappear – Organizewell has a network of recyclers, movers, junk haulers and charities that will happily take what clients no longer want.   Poof, it’s gone.
  • Create order with storage that makes it easy to find everything and to keep everything in place.
  • Organizewell transfers the skills and systems to keep basements from becoming haunted by stuff again.

Turn your spooky space into a sanctuary space for you to enjoy… or at least, not to fear…