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Professional ORganizing Service

The average worker wastes 2.5 hours a week looking for documents missing in poorly organized electronic files.
Studies have shown that some executives will pick up a single piece of paper from their desk thirty or forty times before acting on it.                                                                                                         Michael F. Woolery, Seize the Day (1991, Timelink)

Time spent mishandling paperwork detracts from the company’s ability to service customers, increase sales and improve the bottom line.                                                                                                                              Small Business Administration

The average American worker is interrupted 4-8 times an hour and loses productivity because they’re repeating steps to retrace where they left off. 60% of interruptions come from electronic devices and e-mails while the other 40% come from traditional sources such as phone calls or chats with colleagues.

Office workers waste an average of 40% of their workday. Not because they aren’t smart, but because they were never taught organizing skills to cope with the increasing workloads and demands.                                                           Wall Street Journal

Small business owners are better served investing their time in their business, not looking for documents.  Let me help you grow your business by improved information and asset management!